28 Incredible Solar-Powered Gifts You Can Buy On Amazon Today

Before you know it, the holidays are right around the corner. If you’re tired of giving useless gifts that your friends and family probably won’t ever use, check out the below list. Featuring a wide range of products that are perfect for the environmentally-conscious individual in your life, these devices will help to reduce energy use and minimize your carbon footprint. Whether you need a portable charger for your phone or want to invest in a smart flashlight that lasts for years, there is no better choice than one of these cutting-edge gadgets.

Our team of researchers have found the best environmentally-friendly gifts on the market that won’t break your bank account – we’ve looked for affordable yet thoughtful presents. So why not buy one today and do your part to help save the planet? With all the amazing benefits they provide, you won’t regret it!

1. The Best Solar-Powered Portable Device Charger


(2,354 Reviews)

Never worry about your phone dying while you’re out and about again. This power bank can also charge 2 USB devices at once, so you’ll be able to keep all of your electronics powered up.

This solar power bank has a 20W Quick Charge, is waterproof, dust-proof and drop-proof. It has a built-in LED flashlight and can charge a wide variety of phones, tablets and speakers. It is made of high-strength ABS material and can be recharged through the outlet or the sunlight.

Feel good about being environmentally friendly by using solar energy to recharge your power bank, plus be able to know that you’ll always have a way to charge your devices, no matter what. You’ll even finally be able to go on that camping trip without having to worry about your phone dying.

2. The Best Solar-Powered Security Lights


(4,845 Reviews)

Worried about doing chores or taking out the trash in the dark?

The Best Solar Motion Detector Light is here to solve your problems! It’s a super bright, solar-powered light that will illuminate any outdoor area. Plus, with our upgraded design and motion sensor, you can feel safe and secure knowing that this light will turn on as soon as it detects movement.

With three different modes to choose from, you can select the perfect setting for your needs. Whether you want it to stay on all night long or just turn on when it gets dark, we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry – these LEDs are super bright and will light up even the darkest areas.

Purchase The Best Solar Motion Detector Light below!

3. The Best Solar-Powered Toy (for kids 5 & up)


(2,954 Reviews)

What would you say if I told you that by using recycled materials, your child or grandchild could learn how to generate energy using the power of the sun?

The 4M Solar Rover Kit was designed for just this purpose. It contains all needed components – no technical experience required. With an innovative design based around a soda can’s aluminum exterior layer combined with a solar panel, the Solar Rover kits have been award-winningly proven time and again as fun, effective tools which teach children about green concepts while simultaneously providing them with hours of entertainment!

4. The Best Solar-Powered Christmas Lights


(3,792 Reviews)

Looking for a beautiful and affordable way to light up your Christmas decorations this year?

Look no further than these solar-powered LED Christmas string lights! These beauties are waterproof and come in eight different modes, so you can create any effect you want. And think, no electricity costs all season long!

Plus, they’re really easy to use – all you have to do is hang them up and let the sun do its thing. You’ll love how warm and festive they make your home look.

Order your solar Christmas string lights today!

5. The Best Solar-Powered Outdoor Speaker


(2,926 Reviews)

If you’re looking for a great speaker system that won’t break the bank, the ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker Portable Outdoor is perfect for you. This high-quality speaker is easy to use and very versatile, making it the perfect way to keep tunes going all season long. This bad boy utilizes a high-performance solar panel to give you superior sound quality and hours of playback time.

With two 40 MM loudspeakers and a total harmonic distortion of less than 1%, this speaker gives you an amazing stereo experience – perfect for sharing with friends. You can even use it as a power bank to charge your phone on the go!

Whether you’re relaxing at home or enjoying a picnic in the park, this solar powered speaker will provide hours of enjoyment.

6. The Best Solar-Powered Security Camera


(2,079 Reviews)

Ready to up your home security game?

The eufy Security SoloCam is the perfect solution for you. This high-tech solar-powered camera is always charging, so you never have to worry about changing the battery. And the ultra-bright spotlight and color night vision will help keep your home safe and secure at all times.

With 2K resolution, you’ll be able to see every detail of what’s happening around your home. Plus, unlike other home cam systems, there are no hidden costs – SoloCam is a one-time purchase!

Purchase your SoloCam today!

7. The Best Solar-Powered Bird Feeder


(1,288 Reviews)

8. The Best Solar-Powered Multi-Function Flashlight


(2,059 Reviews)

Looking for a quality solar-powered flashlight that can do it all?

Look no further. You want a flashlight that’s going to last and this is it. The 4800mAh heavy-duty flashlight will make sure you have light when you need it most. Never be left in the dark again with this trusty companion by your side.

What’s amazing is the flashlight can do so much more. It’s an 8-in-1, meaning it can do just about everything you need. It’s got a lantern on the side with 35 LED lamp beads, a floodlight mode, a device charger, a red strobe light, and more. Oh, and it’s waterproof.

9. The Best Solar-Powered Wireless Keyboard


(3,173 Reviews)

No more ugly cords at your desk!

If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish keyboard that doesn’t skimp on features, the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard is the perfect choice. This keyboard is incredibly thin and streamlined, making it a great addition to any workspace.

The best part? It’s solar-powered, so you’ll never have to worry about batteries or charging cables again. Just place it in a well-lit spot and it will charge itself, providing up to 3 months of use in total darkness.

Plus, with advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, you’ll enjoy the same reliability of a corded keyboard with the added convenience of wireless freedom. And with Logitech’s unique concave key cap design, you’ll enjoy a faster, quieter, and more comfortable typing experience hour after hour.

So why wait? Order your Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard today.

10. The Best Solar-Powered Fan


(3,417 Reviews)

Don’t be left out in the heat!

Ansee Solar Fan is perfect for cooling you down when the weather is hot and sticky. It’s also a great fan to have around during power outages or natural disasters.

Not only does it work as a fan, but it also has a bright LED light that can be used as a table lamp or spotlight torch. You can even charge it with solar energy or regular electricity – so you’ll never have to be without your Ansee Solar Fan.

Purchase your very own Ansee Solar Fan below!

11. The Best Solar-Powered Watch


(1,639 Reviews)

Anyone who wants a durable watch with a unique look – this one’s for you!

The Timex Men’s Expedition Gallatin Watch is solar-powered, so it never needs a battery change. It also has a two-month power reserve, so you know it’ll keep ticking no matter where your adventures take you. Plus, the black dial and date window at 3 o’clock give it a cool, modern look.

With its water resistance to 165 ft, this watch is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. You can wear it while swimming, snorkeling or diving without having to worry about it getting wet. It’s also made of durable materials that will last for years.

12. The Best Solar-Powered Remote Controlled Car (ages 6 and up)


(1,843 Reviews)

With the this STEM Car, your child can build their first car!

The Masefu car is powered by solar or battery, so it can be played with indoors or outdoors.

The details on this car are amazing, and it’s a great way for kids to learn about engineering, science, and solar power.

13. The Best Solar-Powered Emergency Power Station


(1,494 Reviews)

Looking for a solar generator that can power your entire home during an emergency?

Look no further than the Anker 521 Portable Power Station. This bad boy can power up to 6 devices at once and comes with a 10-year lifespan!

You’ll never have to worry about being without power again. With it’s huge 256Wh Capacity, 2 AC ports, 2 USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and a car outlet, you’ll be able to keep all your devices charged and powered up no matter what!.

Purchase the Anker 521 Portable Power Station below.

14. The Best Portable Solar Panel Charger


(2,641 Reviews)

Rugged, portable, waterproof and powerful, the Sunjack 15 Watt Solar Panel Charger is perfect for camping, hiking and outdoor adventures, and is essential in any disaster, emergency, and hurricane prep kit for survival. Plus, it’s compact panels fold down to the size of a tablet and easily fit into any backpack.

The Sunjack solar panel charger comes with dual USB ports, which allow you to charge both USB-A and Type-C devices at wall-outlet charging speeds. It also includes one high capacity power bank with USB-C and Quick Charge QC3.0 charge compatible devices at up to 18W – 80% faster than standard chargers. 

Order your SunJack solar panel charger today and start charging your devices the sun-powered way!

15. The Best Solar-Powered Pathway Lights


(1,372 Reviews)

Looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance way to light up your yard?

These Solar Pathway Lights are a gorgeous way to light up your yard without any complicated wiring. Just install them in direct sunlight and they’ll automatically turn on at night!

The elegant design will add a touch of sophistication to your yard, while it’s 360° illumination ensures that your pathway will be beautifully lit at all times. Plus, it’s solar energy technology means you’ll never have to worry about bad weather or running out of power.

16. The Best Solar-Powered Robot (for kids 8 & up)


(1,318 Reviews)

Do you want to give the gift of science this holiday season?

This Solar Robot Kit is perfect for kids who love to build and learn. The robot can be powered by solar energy or battery power, giving kids a chance to experiment with both options, indoors or outdoors.

Imagine the possibilities if you had your very own solar-powered robot!

Purchase the Solar Robot Kit below!

17. The Best Solar-Powered Flickering Tiki Torch Lights


(1,173 Reviews)

Tired of the same old outdoor lights?

Evelynsun has the perfect solution – solar powered torch lights with a flickering flame effect!

The lights are made of high-quality plastic and bamboo, making them incredibly resilient and weather-resistant. They also look gorgeous, with simulated flames that will light up your yard or garden in style. And you’ll never have to worry about wiring or running out of power.

Purchase your own set of solar powered torch lights today!

18. The Best Portable Solar-Powered Stove


(1,059 Reviews)

Tired of eating unhealthy, expensive, and inconvenient campfire food?

Meet the GOSUN Solar Oven Portable Stove – the perfect alternative to campfire cooking. This oven is powered by the sun, so you can cook anywhere there’s sunlight. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to use.

Imagine a delicious meal cooked outdoors in the fresh air – with no smoke, no sparks, and no mess. With the GOSUN Solar Oven Portable Stove, that dream is now a reality.

Purchase your very own GOSUN Solar Oven Portable Stove below!

19. The Best Solar-Powered Flagpole Light


(1,405 Reviews)

Patriotic Americans!

Did you know the U.S Flag Code suggests that the American flag should be illuminated at night?

Why not invest in the best solar flagpole light available today and Light Your Flag With Dazzling Glory?

This solar flagpole light is perfect choice for anyone looking to illuminate their flag at night. It has a state-of-the-art- design, is self-charging, and contains a nighttime and daylight sensor to make sure your flag shines when it gets dark. Look cool and be patriotic – buy your solar flagpole light today!

20. The Best Solar-Powered Cooler


(2,362 Reviews)

Don’t let your drinks get warm on your next outdoor excursion!

Bring the Preferred Nation Solar Cooler with you and never have to worry about it again. Plus, this cooler has a USB charging system so you can stay connected even when there’s no outlet in sight. The removable plastic liner is easy to clean, so you’ll always be ready for your next picnic or camping trip.

Not only does this cooler keep your drinks cold, but it also has a foil-lined front pocket that’s perfect for storing dry food items. Plus, the spacious 36 can main compartment means you’ll have plenty of room for all of your refreshments.

Order the Preferred Nation Solar Cooler today and be prepared for all of your outdoor adventures!

21. The Best Solar-Powered Bicycle Light


(2,618 Reviews)

Get the perfect cycling safety gear with this Solar-Powered Bicycle Light!

This light set comes with a super bright T6 LED headlight, back taillight, and trumpet for complete riding safety. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

The headlight is 800 lumens and has 3 light modes for your convenience. It’s also waterproof and easy to install. You’ll love how well this light set works for you on your next cycling trip.

Keep Safe and purchase the bicycle light set below!

22. The Best Solar-Powered Kettle Cooker


(1,853 Reviews)

When you’re off the grid and craving a cup of joe, this Solar Kettle Thermal Flask will come in quite hand!

Designed specifically for those in need of clean safe drinking water, hot coffee, tea or soup, the solar kettle is compact, light, portable and durable.

Imagine, you’ll be heating water at zero cost, with no electricity required. No more reliance on a gas, propane or charcoal stove, you can use this thermal kettle anywhere there is sunlight!

Purchase your very own Solar Kettle Thermal Flask today!

23. The Best Solar-Powered Portable, Inflatable, and Collapsible Lantern


(1,673 Reviews)

The Solight Inflatable, Collapsible, Portable LED Lantern is simply the coolest outdoor light there is!

This solar-powered lantern doesn’t need any batteries or power sources, and can last up to 12 hours! It is super lightweight at only 2.6 ounces, and is as thin as an iPhone. And yet it’s made from heavy-duty recyclable PET, which has a unique memory for shape retention.

Get your very own Solight Inflatable LED Lantern today!

24. The Best Solar-Powered Backpack


(1,938 Reviews)

Need a way to charge your laptop or phone when you’re out and about?

The Voltaic Solar Backpack Charger is lightweight, easy to carry around, and comes with a built-in battery pack so you can quickly charge your devices.

You’ll never have to worry about being out of power again with this solar backpack charger. It’s designed to work with laptops, professional cameras, and thousands of devices that charge from USB. Plus, it comes in a stylish matte black color that will make you stand out from the crowd.

This is the perfect gift for students, campers, and more. Purchase your Solar Backpack Charger today!

25. The Best Solar-Powered Generator


(1,425 Reviews)

OK, so this product is a bit different from the rest. At nearly $2k it’s a hefty investment!

That being said, the Jackery Solar Generator lets you generate your own clean, unlimited solar energy. Over time the money you’d save more than makes up for the upfront cost.

The Solar Generator is super easy to use, safe & reliable. And you can use it to power pretty much anything.

By owning your own generator, you’ll never have to worry about being without power again. It’s perfect for emergencies, outdoor activities, or just backup power for your home.

Tired of being at the mercy of the power company? Purchase your own Solar Generator today!

26. The Best Solar-Powered Kinetic Art


(1,434 Reviews)

Feeling stressed and need a way to relax? Or just looking for a unique toy to sit on your desk?

Check out the Sunnytech Solar Plane Aircraft Balancing Toy! It’s the perfect way to decompress and have some fun.

This amazing toy is powered by the sun, so you don’t need any batteries or electrical outlets. It’s also eco-friendly, because the windmill blades turn smoothly and quietly under the sunlight.

Purchase your Solar Plane Aircraft Balancing Toy today!

27. The Best Solar-Powered Smart Bike Lock


(1,273 Reviews)

Don’t let your bike get stolen!

The Lattis Ellipse Smart Bike Lock is the perfect solution to keep your bike safe from thieves. It has a theft detection system that sends an alert to your phone if your bike is being tampered with, and it’s made with a super strong U-lock and dual-locking mechanism to deter even the most determined thieves.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your key again with this keyless entry system – just tap your phone against the lock to unlock it, or automatically by proximity. And in case of an accident, you can easily notify loved ones with the built-in share function. Plus, no need for manual charging under normal use – the solar panel will take care of that for you!

This smart bike lock pretty much does it all! Purchase one below!

28. The Best Solar-Powered Portable Air Conditioner


(3,417 Reviews)

Tired of being hot and sweaty when camping?

Introducing the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2, the first real off-grid air conditioner! This solar powered portable air conditioner is perfect for keeping you cool during those hot summer nights.

With 2300 BTUs of power, this battery-powered AC can keep you comfortable in any situation. Whether you’re camping in the woods or enjoying a day at the beach, ZERO BREEZE has you covered.

Purchase your very own ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 today!


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