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Are Solar Water Heaters Affordable?

The US Department of Energy uses a fancy name for solar water heaters. They call them domestic solar hot water systems. Either way, the DOE says that these solar water heaters can provide a very cost-effective way to produce all of the hot water that a family needs. Instead of using gas or electricity, like traditional hot water system they convert heat and light from the sun into power that your heater can use.

Where Can Solar Water Heaters Be Used?

The good news is that these heaters work in almost every climate. All they need is a sunny day, and that can be a hot day in the summer or a bright day in the middle of winter. There could be days that are too overcast for the heater, so most of these systems also rely upon backup from the local power supply.

Active Solar Water Heaters

Direct circulation: This type of active solar water heater words best in climates where the temperature usually does not get below freezing. They pump warm water into pipes in the home.

Indirect circulation: These actually pump a heat-transfer fluid that will not freeze through the system. They are better in parts of the country where winters are cold.

Passive Solar Water Heaters

Passive systems usually don’t cost as much as active heaters. However, they are also less efficient. On the other hand, you might find that a passive system is more durable and lasts longer. There are also two different types of passive heating systems, and the right choice might depend upon your climate and the construction of your home.

How to Buy Solar Water Heaters

Before making a purchase, it is important to learn about different types of system to figure out which one will be most suitable for your needs. Beyond that, other considerations will be the amount of hot water you may need to use every day and how warm you need that water to be. Remember, warm water is not just used in baths and showers. It also flows to dishwashers and washing machines.

It might be tough for average consumers to figure out how large of a solar water heater that they need. Companies that sell and install these home power stations can advise you. In fact, they may even offer to send a representative to your home to be sure that he suggests the best solar water heater for your unique needs.

Why Are Home Solar Water Heaters Popular?

These systems are popular because they are usually fairly modestly priced when compared to solar energy systems for an entire house. That means that families can make a modest investment and enjoy warm water without worrying about increasing their gas or electric bill. Many people are also concerned about the effect of greenhouse gasses on the climate, and solar power is a natural and renewable source of energy. If you need to replace your old hot water heater, why not consider getting a new solar water heater this time?

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