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Solar Attic Fans Save Money And Energy

Installing solar attic fans is a great way to help make your home more comfortable and save money on your power bills. They provide an especially good solution for people who have one or two uncomfortable upstairs rooms that just never seem to get cool when the rest of the house is. That is because solar attic fans actually pull really hot air out of your attic, so it gets replaced by cooler air from outside.

How Do Solar Attic Fans Work To Cool Your Home More Efficiently?

As your home air conditioner works to cool your home, it sends cooled air through your ducts. Meanwhile, warm air rises and heads up to your attic. Your solar attic fan is powered by its own solar panels, so it does not use up any more energy. Meanwhile, it keeps sending the warm air outside, pulling in cooler air, and making it so your air conditioner does not have to work so hard.

Of course, there are other benefits of these solar-powered fans in your attic:

• Your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard, so you should enjoy cheaper electric bills and a longer air conditioner life span.
• You might even find that you can shut your air conditioner off on warm days because the fan will improve your attic ventilation.

Can You Install Solar Attic Fans Yourself?

The biggest problem with a DIY solar attic fan installation is that you have to cut holes in your home’s roof. You need to have good carpentry skills and make sure you don’t accidentally damage anything. You also need to be able to install proper flushing to ensure your attic doesn’t flood during a storm. In fact, some experts caution people to think twice about installations like this in areas that suffer a lot of severe rain and wind storms.

Are Solar Attic Fans Expensive?

Here’s some more good news about the cost of solar attic fans. You might decide to pay for a professional fan installation, but these fans are usually pretty moderately priced when compared to many other home appliances. Of course, adding an installation will add more to your cost, but it is usually a pretty quick job for a professional who has done it before.

The price will depend upon the size and power of the fan, but they should only cost a few hundred dollars. Depending upon the size of your home, you might also need to buy multiple fans. For example, in Florida where summers tend to be hot, but solar power is also very abundant, people may install two fans for a small house and four fans for a large house.

Finally, the purchase of these fans is considered an energy-efficiency improvement to your home. This means that you might qualify for state and federal tax credits that can reduce the real price of your purchase.

Most people who enjoy these fans say that their actual energy savings are pretty modest. They truly enjoy the fact that they have an easier time making all of the rooms more comfortable.

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