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While the average portable solar panels won’t be able to power an entire house, some of the bigger ones are surprisingly powerful. You might be able to find one that provides plenty of energy next time you decide to go camping. Next time you intend to be out of reach of the energy grid, you don’t have to worry about taking appliances and even electronics with you. While the smaller ones may only provide enough power to charge your cell phones, big portable solar powers can even charge your laptop or run a TV and DVD.

Benefits of Portable Solar Panels

Besides merely providing a convenient source of power, these portable solar energy devices can help you do your part to help reduce pollution and preserve the natural environment. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, one of the major sources of manmade greenhouse gasses comes from energy production for homes and businesses. Even if you still have your home on the local power grid, you can still reduce your use of traditional energy by buying a small and portable solar electricity generator.

Besides having portable solar panels to take camping, you can also use them at home:

• You might use it, for example, to power your outdoor lighting or even your pool pump.
• You can keep smaller ones on hand to recharge batteries.
• Not only can you save on the cost of constantly having to buy new batteries, you can also reduce hazardous waste to keep it out of local landfills.
• You might buy a small solar recharger just for your small electronics like cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers.

How Much Do Portable Solar Panels Cost?

The price of portable solar panels depends upon their size and power. To give you an idea, here are some good examples.

Large Portable Solar Power Systems: A good example is the Yeti 1250. This sophisticated and powerful portable solar energy device can power a luxury camping trip. It’s not just for recreation either because you can even use it to charge small construction tools out in the field.

In fact it is even powerful enough to provide emergency power for fridges, freezers, and durable medical equipment. This might be a good choice if you also need to have emergency power backup in case you lose grid power because of a blackout or storm.

Expect to pay about $1,400 for 1,250 Watt hours.

Good for camping: This much smaller and lighter portable solar energy devices comes from Coleman, a name that is famous for producing camping equipment. It comes with a 200 Watt inverter and can power both 12V and 110 appliances. It can be used to power camping supplies or charge a boat battery.

Expect to pay about $300.

Charge small electronics: The Solar Roll is a portable solar panel that you can actually roll up to fit in your backpack. It is great for recharging laptops and other small devices. Prices vary by size, but they start at about $300.

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