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How to Make a Solar Panel at Home

Most people love the idea of generating clean, renewable, and free solar energy. However, when we learn that we need to buy expensive solar panels, solar energy might start to seem pretty expensive. Here’s the good news: You can learn to make your own solar panels at home. You can make them for yourself to save money, and you might even be able to sell them to other people to earn some money.

What Do You Need To Make Solar Panels?

You can start building your DIY solar panels with only a few things:

• Solar cells: You can purchase these online, and you may be able to find them in local stores. It’s easier to buy cells with pre-soldered backs, but you can also buy them without that if you can solder yourself.
• Thin boards: These are what you will use to frame your solar panels.
• Tabbing wire: This is used to connect the cells in your panel to each other.
• Soldering equipment: If you don’t buy pre-soldered cells, you will need equipment and supplies to do the job from scratch.

How to Make Solar Panels at Home

It is really fairly easy to make your own solar panels. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to produce each panel in a matter of minutes.

Cut the thin board to produce a frame:

You have to decide how you will want to arrange your panels on the frame. Measure out the right size of board. Always add a couple of inches to the width and length because you will need that for the wires that attach the cells on one board to the cells on another. Also leave enough room so the cells do not touch each other.

One popular arrangement is creating a rectangle with a total of 12 cells on each board, so that means you need room for three cells running the width and four the length.

Attach the cells with tabbing wire:

You need at least two lengths of tabbing wire for each cell, and you should already see large lines on the back of each one. Measure out two lengths at least twice as long as the length of the line on the panel. Then attach the cells to the ones that will become its neighbors when you later attach them to the board.

Glue your prepared solar cells to the board:

Use as little glue as possible to stick the cells neatly on your board. Make sure the wires can run freely from one cell to the other in the back. After this, you have a functioning solar panel that can be connected t other panels and wires that deliver electricity.

How Much Solar Energy Can You Generate With DIY Solar Panels

If you truly plan to build a home solar energy system by yourself, you will need many of these homemade solar panels. You can also purchase the cells in different capacities. To begin building solar panels at home, you may want to start with just a few as part of a DIY solar battery recharging kit. However, there is no reason that you cannot eventually gain experience and create your own home solar energy system.

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