How To Make A Solar Panel

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How to Make a Solar Panel at Home Most people love the idea of generating clean, renewable, and free solar energy. However, when we learn that we need to buy expensive solar panels, solar energy might start to seem pretty expensive. Here’s the good news: You can learn to make your own solar panels at […]


Solar Attic Fan

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Solar Attic Fans Save Money And Energy Installing solar attic fans is a great way to help make your home more comfortable and save money on your power bills. They provide an especially good solution for people who have one or two uncomfortable upstairs rooms that just never seem to get cool when the rest […]


Portable Solar Panels

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While the average portable solar panels won’t be able to power an entire house, some of the bigger ones are surprisingly powerful. You might be able to find one that provides plenty of energy next time you decide to go camping. Next time you intend to be out of reach of the energy grid, you […]


How Does Solar Energy Work

How Does It Work

You may have heard a lot about alternative forms of energy lately. One of the largest sources of manmade greenhouse gasses in many developed countries comes from traditional energy production. Meanwhile, alternative energy like solar energy is renewable, clean, and free. The sun might feel warm on your face, but just sticking your appliances out […]

How Do Solar Panels Work

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Have you seen solar panels. They are usually made up of still frames that contain solar cells, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells . These days, you can even find flexible solar panels that can get rolled up for storage. It is pretty amazing that these thin sheets of cells can actually produce energy to power […]

What Is Solar Energy

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To understand solar energy, it is necessary to understand a little bit about the sun. Our local star is actually like a gigantic nuclear reactor that emits enough radiation to warm and light our planet. In fact, we enjoy enough extra solar energy to provide more than enough power for everybody on the planet. The […]

Solar Power Heater

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Is your power bill high enough in the summertime when you need to run your home air conditioner? If so, it probably doesn’t help to draw even more power by running your swimming pool pump and heater. In fact, if you are shopping for a new heater, why not consider the many advantages of solar […]

Solar Energy Facts

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Solar Energy Facts Everybody Should Know Everybody can get excited about the promise of solar energy. By using free, renewable, and clean energy from the sun, we can reduce our dependence upon traditional fuel sources and save a lot of money. We also have a chance to stop our power plants from emitting green house […]

Solar Water Heater

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Are Solar Water Heaters Affordable? The US Department of Energy uses a fancy name for solar water heaters. They call them domestic solar hot water systems. Either way, the DOE says that these solar water heaters can provide a very cost-effective way to produce all of the hot water that a family needs. Instead of […]